We help today’s multi-tasking, modern parents find their own unique way to raise up happy and successful children through individual counseling services and programs focusing on age-related developmental needs of children since 2007.



Aims of İPC Expatriate Services

1.To provide educational and psychological support programs to young multicultural or expat families living abroad, based on the milestones of child development followed by National Curriculum of the host country and contexts that promote children’s development of those expected skills.

2.While doing this, to benefit from IPC`s 11-year-long experience on child development tracking and parent counselling, and the knowledge on establishing balance between child-rearing values of individualist vs. collectivist-oriented cultures.



  • To help children be successful in host country`s system of national education by supporting them to realize their full potential in intellectual, language, and socio-emotional development
  • To promote higher quality of life for the families by decreasing parenting stress
  • To help families benefit from the opportunities of host country at the highest level even at the first generation.